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Connectify Hotspot Latest Full Serail Key Download: 

Connectify Pro 2016 crack: A Router Software that Turns your Laptop into a WiFi HotSpot.

A Brief Introduction:

Connectify pro 2016 Latest keygen is full featured and complete working router software that works as a router inside your PC. With the help of this software you can instantly turn your computer into a WiFi HotSpot and can share the internet connection of your PC with other computers and mobile devices as well.Connectify Pro 2016 Crack

Connectify hostpot pro 2016 license key has started up to 2 billion hotspots making it one of the mostly widely used and most popular hotspot software in the world. There are two versions of Connectify Latest one is the Max version and the other one is Pro version. There is also a free version of the software.

Pros and Cons of Connectify pro 2016:

Pros Cons
  • Connectify Latest helps in accessing internet if the signals are weak or poor
  • It is a stable software that turns your PC into a hotspot
  • It is one of the most fast and reliable software of its own kind
  • Ideal for using in an environment where WiFi availability is being charged for each and every device
  • Pro version of Connectify Latest is a bit pricy as compared to other competitors
  • Connectify Latest cell phone version is not handier as expected for a mobile device
  • In certain cases software found running even if the user has closed it or exit from it
  • The startup is a bit slow and takes time to start the service

Connectify pro 2016 Latest Key Features:

The Connectify pro full version comes with a number of features that can be listed as under:-

  • Share any Connection
    • Connectify pro crack free version allows you to share each and any connection except 2G and 3G connections, however you can share the 3G and 2G connection with the help of Pro and Max versions of Connectify Latest.
  • Secure Passwords
    • Connectify hotspot pro serial software acts just like a primary router that let you manage passwords and automatically generate a password for you that you can customize afterward.
  • Data Monitoring
    • Connectify Latest allows you to monitor data as well if you want to keep an eye on data usage. You can find all the data regarding the connected devices such as when the device was first connected, the total time since it is connected, full data used by the device and download and upload speed of the device.
  • Custom Name of the HotSpot
    • Connectify Latest allows you to give a personal name to your hotspot in both the free as well as the paid version.
  • Bridge or Repeater Mode
    • Connectify Latest patch also allows you to work as bridging and repeater mode as well. Bridging connects the devices to the actual network and repeater extends the range of your WiFi.connectify-pro-2016-crack

How to Activate Or Register Connectify Hotspot 2016?

  • Uninstall Any Other Version Of Connectify 2016.
  • Install Connectify 2016 And Restart Your Computer.
  • After Restarting Exit Connectify 2016 from Taskbar Or Use Task Manager for force closing.
  • Now copy and Paste “Connectify.exe” file From the (Crack Folder) to installation Directory :
  • By Default Installation Directory : “ C:\Program Files\Connectify ”

When you will start Connectify pro 2016 crack, it will Show a Window With 3 Options :
Buy now, already bought and Try now, Just close That Window!

The Final Verdict: 
Connectify pro 2016 latest crack allows you to share your wireless connection when and where it is required with multiple devices. There is a free version, Max and Pro version and you can choose a version of your own choice to enjoy wireless sharing for free.


Connectify hostpot pro 2016 full crack is reliable and safe software to convert your PC into a WiFi Hotspot to share your internet with friends and family.


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