FarStone DriveClone 11 Workstation Crack Download

FarStone DriveClone 11 crack: The most popular Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive Conning and Migration Software.

FarStone DriveClone 11 workstation description:

FarStone DriveClone 11 crack is an advanced cloning program that is used for cloning all HDD, externals disks and SSD so that you can create a reliable Windows backup for securing your precious data. The program has an ability to clone all the applications along with their settings and just let you create clone in a few seconds. You can create the clone of almost the drives irrespective of the size of the drive. There are also added tools in the software such as disk defragmentation tool, partition sizing, and disk cleaning features as well.FarStone DriveClone 11 Workstation Crack Download

Pros and Cons of FarStone DriveClone 11:

Pros Cons
  • FarStone DriveClone 11 workstation crack is an easy to use software to create clones of your disk drives
  • There is an additional support for new UEFI and GPT hard drives
  • FarStone DriveClone now support bigger drivers as well as RAID drives
  • The software can also backup the previous version of your hard drive for future use
  • There is an ability to make mirror drives as well
  • FarStone DriveClone also supports incremental cloning
  • The software also supports the virtualization of drives such as VMware and Hyper-v
  • In certain cases program formats all the partitions of your hard drive without even asking you for an option
  • FarStone DriveClone is bit slow in converting large and heavy hard drives
  • You have to set BIOS boot order manually to get SDD to boot
  • Sometimes program generate annoying ads at startup
  • Uninstalling the program has some problematic issues in it

How to Install?

Installtion process is very simple and you don’t have to do much as you have to click the Next button to reach at the end. You can even install the program if you don’t have a serial key and install the program regularly. The operating systems that are supported by FarStone DriveClone are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and 10.

The User Interface: 

The interface of the program is completely cluttered free and all the productive features of the program are collected in one section. You can easily choose a feature according to the task you want to perform. There are two options on the main screen that are:-

  • Clone Drive
  • Clone Partition

The first option allows you to clone contents of one drive to the other drive whereas in other option you can clone a certain partition to some other partition.farstone-driveclone-workstation-11-crack-download

Performance Features: 

There are a number of performance features of FarStone DriveClone crack as it let you create Mirror Drive with a Rapid Cloning process whereas it also let you to keep 99 versions of the modified file. There is also an optional schedule cloning along with keeping the disk ID and 4K alignment as well. It can also used to fix boot issues.

The Final Verdict: 

FarStone DriveClone Workstation 11 keygen is great to create clone of your disks and hard drives with having an ability to create backup of the drives by saving the operating system, data and settings of hard disks as well.


FarStone DriveClone 11 crack is a highly recommended program that will perform your cloning tasks in a hassle free way and give all the drive cloning software a hard time regarding competition.


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