OkMap 13.10.7 Crack + Keygen Full Version 2018

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OkMap can unquestionably inspire through its wide exhibit of capacities and it should ascend to the desires for the more experienced clients. this program are various as it can set up satellite associations and even accompanies a NMEA test system. The going with utilities are likewise numerous and intended to give access to maps server, directing and geocoding capacities. Different converters are accessible, similar to those for separations and directions, while a great number cruncher for complex math articulations is incorporated too. With help for waypoints, tracks and courses.

OkMap 13.10.7 Crack + Keygen Full Version 2018

OkMap is additionally ready to deal with Google Earth and Google Maps records. Therefore, GPX maps can be changed over to vectorial information and the other way around, waypoints into toponyms and the other route round. OkMap can likewise do significantly more. In the event that you run the program on a PC with an associated GPS, say, at that point you can plot your situation on a guide continuously, and send this data always to a remote PC. So a gathering of individuals, all outfitted with OkMap, workstation and GPS, could see everybody’s position refreshed continuously. Information gathered by your GPS can be downloaded on your PC, put away and showed on the maps. They can likewise be utilized to make distinctive kinds of insights.

OkMap 13.10.7 Crack + Keygen Full Version 2018

OkMap 13.10.7 Keygen FEATURES

  1. Calibration / display raster maps (over 30 image formats)
  2. Viewing 3D raster maps on Google Earth (for supported image formats)
  3. Zoom, autofit functions
  4. Moving map function in 3 modes
  5. Display vectorial maps
  6. Display hybrid maps (raster + vectorial data)
  7. Context menu (right mouse)
  8. Vectorial data management (point, multipoint, line, polygon)
  9. Ability to open multiple maps simultaneously
  10. 9 cartographic projections of the most used
  11. Database with over 500 predefined projections by geographic area
  12. Database with over 300 datum
  13. Customizing toolbar
  14. Showing yes / no toolbar
  15. Showing yes / no statusbar
  16. Map add-ons management (icons, comments)
  17. GPX data management (waypoints, tracks, routes)
  18. Selecting multiple objects with the mouse
  19. Auto-info function
  20. Check new releases at startup


  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • ECW activex controls
  • 1 GB RAM minimum (recommended 2 GB)