Universal Document Convertor 6.7 Full Crack Download

Universal Document Convertor Full Version Download: 

Universal Document Convertor 6.7 crack: A tightly integrated and easy to use a program to convert documents to multiple formats.

A Brief Introduction: 

Universal Document Convertor 6 crack is an application that let you convert any document to your desired PDF file or an image file. The software installs a virtual printer on your system and works from any program or application that offers the support to print the converted document.

The Universal Document Convertor 6.7 full version saves you from the inconvenience that you will have to face when installing a bunch of different software to convert documents of different types and multiple formats. You can save documents in a format that are easy to email along with adding text and image watermarks to your documents.

Pros and Cons of Universal Document Convertor 6:

Pros Cons
  • Universal Document Convertor supports some professional file formats to create an image file.
  • Universal Document Convertor comes with comprehensive tutorial and helps material for assistance
  • You can combine the number of different documents in a single PDF or image file
  • The formats supported by Universal Document Convertor is limited in number as compared to that of the competitor software
  • The software can only export files to eight different formats
  • If you need some other conversion formats, you have to install some other program

How to Install?

By default, the program is installed in the Printer Dialog and to use the program you just have to select the print option from any application such as MS Office, Auto CAD or any other application. After this, you have to select Universal Document Convertor and can get the document converted into some supported formats including PDF, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, DCX, PCX, BMP and GIF. You can also select the output location and the name of the new file.

Universal Document Convertor 6.7 Key Features:

The performance features of the software are listed as under:-

  • In the Properties tab, you can change the settings of the software such as you can select the paper size, width, unit type, height, width and resolution of the image file
  • You can select the format of the output file as well
  • You can select the color depth of the output file, append all the documents to the existing file or create a single page for each page of the conversion document
  • You can also configure the cropping and resizing options
  • You can also add watermarks that are the text or images

The Universal Document Convertor 6 crack use low to moderate level of Windows resources were so it is not much heavy on your computer. There is a step by step guide of How To along with the snapshots for the beginners and novices.Universal Document Convertor 6.7 Full Crack Download

What’s new in version 6.7?

  • Fixed installation issue that appears under Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and Windows 2012 server with summer’2016 updates
  • Fixed issue with converting documents to TIFF with LZW data compression
  • Fixed issue with appending documents to multipage bitmapped PDF file
  • Fixed issue with appending documents to password protected PDF file
  • Fixed minor issues and improvements made by customers’ feedback.

The Final Verdict

Universal Document Convertor keygen is a great application if you want to work with documents and files that are supported by the software.  The program allows you to work with AutoCAD documents as well as let you combine multiple files into a single document that is a mind-blowing feature of the software.


Universal Document Convertor 6 license key is highly recommended tool for us because it is easy to use and save you from the inconvenience of converting multiple format documents into image and PDF files.


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