VideoPad Viedo Editor 4.48 Full Version Crack Download

VideoPad Viedo Editor 4.48 full crack: A Video Editor that let you create movies and edit videos in a number of multiple output formats.

VideoPad Viedo Editor 4.48 Full Description:

VideoPad Viedo Editor activation code is an editing tool that has a lethal combination of most basic and advanced tools for video editing and movie making. There are a number of tools such as Chroma Key that is the Green Screen editing, video color correction option, video stabilizer, multiple track editing and your own project creating ability of the program that helps the basic as well as the advance users to edit their videos with ease creating an efficient output.VideoPad Viedo Editor 4.48 Full Version Crack Download

Pros and Cons of VideoPad Viedo Editor 4.48:

Pros Cons
  • VideoPad Viedo Editor full version comes with multiple features that are required to edit videos basic as well as advanced level.
  • VideoPad Viedo Editor crack let you to import as well as export a number of file formats.
  • You can add title and transitions that make your videos look much better.
  • The interface is quite antiquated  and needs a real upgrade.
  • In certain cases there are imperfections in the quality of the videos that are created.
  • Imperfections in the videos include fuzziness, pixilation and other sort of distortions.
  • The sharing options offered by program are also limited.

VideoPad Viedo Editor 4 Key Features: 

User Interface: 

The interface is quite old fashioned and antique and there is much room to make it better and more interactive.

There are a number of performance features of the software that can be listed as under:-

Video Editing Feature

  • The software can drag and drop the video clips
  • It can insert images into your movies quite quickly
  • You can use text overlays for the caption
  • You can adjust the brightness, color and saturation of the video to get the effect you want to have
  • Green Screen and Chroma Key over lay is also available

Sound Editing Feature

  • You can import or mix audio tracks and clips
  • You can record the narrations with simple click of the button
  • With the software you can enjoy free use of NCH Sound Effect Library
  • You can use MixPad to mix and edit an audio track

Sharing the Movie in Multiple Formats

  • You can burn your movies on DVD and can watch it on the television afterwards
  • You can save your movies in multiple formats to share with the friends
  • There are a number of importable movie formats such as avi, mpeg, wmv, div, divX, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mov and many others
  • Exportable movie formats include DVD, CD, Blu Ray, HD-DVD and many others.


The Final Verdict: 

VideoPad Viedo Editor 4 keygen is an editor with a number of capabilities as well as limitations. There is a wide array of video editing features however it lacks a number of aspects such as effects, transitions and some other editing tools.


VideoPad Viedo Editor 4.48 patch can be termed as a mixed bag where it offers a number of features for editing video at advance as well as basic level but lacks an intuitive interface and other additional features.


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