VMware Workstation Pro 12 License Keys Free Download

VMware Workstation pro 12 License Key: A Great Hypervisor to work with multiple Operating Systems on a Single Machine.

A Brief Introduction: 

VMware Workstation pro serial key is virtualization software that allows you to install multiple operating systems on a single device. These operating systems are installed in such a way that one operating system works within the other operating system. The facility provided by VMware Workstation will help in reducing the hardware cost and allow you to test and run software on multiple operating system platforms in one machine. VMware Workstation 12 license keys allows you to install different version of Windows as well as Linux operating system however it won’t let you allow working with Mac OS.VMware Workstation Pro 12 License Keys Free Download

Pros and Cons of VMware Workstation pro 12:

Pros Cons
·         VMware Workstation provides you with enhanced graphic support as well as high resolution display that is 4K UHD and QHD support

·         It provides you with enterprise quality virtual machines with 16 VCPU, 8TB Virtual Disks, and 64GB of memory

·         VMware Workstation 12 license key offers video memory up to 2 GB

·         The software provides you with latest hardware support

·         VMware Workstation provides you with IPv6 support

·         VMware Workstation provides compatibility with any VMware software anywhere

·         There are lot of advanced features and customization

·         Sometimes there is a bug in the drag and drop function between the Host and the Client

·         VMware Workstation is more expensive as compared to its market competitors like Virtual Box

·         The access to console by VMware Workstation is a bit sluggish

·         Sometimes entering password is a bit frustrating as you will two or more repetition of passwords you are typing

The Final Verdict: 

VMware Workstation 12 crack is ideal software that virtualizes your old machine, new projects and let you test a number of applications and software without creating a mess with the host machine

VMware Workstation pro 12 License Key Features:

There are a number of performance features of the software that can be listed as under:-

  • Each guest machine can be customized by VMware Workstation crack such as CPU, RAM,HDD
  • VMware Workstation let you share folders, files, as well as copy files by using copy function of the mouse or drag and drop function of the operating system
  • All the application such as Printer, USB, CD/DVD ROM, Video cards as well as sound cards can be used from the host machine to the guest machine
  • VMware Workstation full version download allows you to take the snap shots of the guest machine and you can revert to the previous stage of the guest machine.
  • VMware Workstation allows you to access the BIOS of each guest machine created with this software.VMware Workstation Pro 12 License Keys Free Download

Help and Support Features

There is a complete documentation of the program for the help and support of the user. You can read tutorials, ask any queries at the forum and can look for the tips and tricks to enhance the performance of VMware Workstation.


VMware Workstation license keys comes with a professional interface that let you to customize your single machine into a number of different virtual machine with different versions of operating system running in vitual machine.


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