WinGuard Pro 2016 Crack Full Version

WinGuard Pro 2016 Serial Key Portable

winguard pro 2018 Lite is a free application that gives you a chance to cripple and empower certain Windows highlights by means of a watchword without totally forestalling access to your PC. winguard pro 2016 full wards off snoops from your own information and projects without shutting down or bolt your PC, which gives you a chance to keep programs running and records open even as you’re securing your information. winguard pro full version you can force confinements and ensure different assignments with a secret word.

WinGuard Pro 2016 Crack Full Version

The winguard pro password application is for the most part situated towards PCs with different records. From the devoted tab you can without much of a stretch set the overseer, if signed on, and even show a message at whatever point a client sign in. Designs can be spared to document with the goal that they are effortlessly connected to different PCs too. winguard pro 2016 crack can give the additional security required in an office situation however can likewise sparkle while utilized at home as a parental control strategy. winguard pro review gets sent in a split second, with no convenience time required once the setup procedure is finished. In the event that security issues are an awesome concern, don’t dither to try this utility out.

WinGuard Pro 2016 Crack Full Version

WinGuard Pro 2016 Keygen Features Included

  1. Password protect any program
  2. Password Protect your Web Browser, inc. Internet Explorer and FireFox etc
  3. Prevent unauthorized installs
  4. Lock Windows at Boot and the Boot Keys (F8)
  5. Disable Software Installation and Downloads to Help Prevent Unknown Virus Attacts
  6. Encrypt folders and files using the 128 AES bit algorithm
  7. Block Windows Explorer
  8. Screen blank: You can have the screen blank in emergencies, this prevents any use of the computer, and blacks out the screen only leaving a password box to access the entire system.
  9. Disable Zip and Self Extracting Files
  10. Lock your own programs: You can also add any of your own programs for locking.
  11. Password timer: You can set in seconds how long you want to give users to enter the password to access any locked programs. This can help deter hackers.
  12. Additional Protection: This lets you lock even more features down on your PC. Such as the Desktop, My Computer, Internet Access, Internet Downloading, Software Installations and much more.

WinGuard Pro 2016 Crack Full Version WinGuard Pro 2016 Crack Full Version


  • .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 OR 3.5

How to Use?

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